Terrific Tea Towels

When buying things, I always follow two rules: it should be beautiful or functional, and preferably both.

Step forward the humble tea towel. Not only do they tick these two boxes, but they are inexpensive, brighten up the kitchen and there’s a design for everyone. Who can resist? There are quirky designs, poignant designs, funny designs, personalised designs, simple designs, artistic designs. Tea towels filled with puns, quotes, idioms, poems, novels, animals, teacups, recipes, flowers, boats, castles… the possibilities are endless.

I think my obsession fondness first began when I was given a tea towel as a a gift before moving to Georgia, USA. This London-inspired Cath Kidston tea towel hung over the oven in mykitchen for the entire year and was a much loved reminder of home. It was in Georgia where my love for the tea towel blossomed upon the discovery of Kitchen on the Square, in Savannah. It seems they too had an obsession with tea towels. I wasn’t alone. I bought many.

Returning home last summer, having missed the entire Jubilee and half of the Olympics, I wanted to showmy patriotism so I bought a Diamond Jubilee tea towel complete with two screen printed Corgis on it. It combined functionality, beauty and patriotism. What more could a girl ask for?

Since then, I’ve discovered scores of websites dedicated to the humble tea towel – my favourite so far is To Dry For. Here are a few on my current wish list:


Storm in a Teacup


British Gastronomy Map


Thornback and Peel Stag



Bee Friendly


Kookaburra Tea Towel Set



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