Just Ducks! by Nicola Davies

Just Ducks 0763659363.int.1

Quack – Quuuack, Quack – Quaack – Quack.

And so begins Just Ducks! with this beautifully onomatopoeic opening.

Just Ducks! written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino is a non-fiction book about a young girl and her encounters with mallard ducks. As her day progresses she, and we, learn all about the mallard duck – why ducks and drakes have different colouring, why it is important to feed bread to ducks in the winter and the difference between ‘dabbling’ and ‘upending’ (it’s all to do with different feeding techniques).

The watercolour illustrations by Salavtore Rubbino realistically a day in the life of ducks and do not overwhelm the page. The layout of each page is simple with large illustrations and evenly placed text; the font of the text is large enough for children to follow, and the font used for the facts does not detract from the illustrations or the main story.

This book, from the Nature Storybook series, has been nominated for the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal and is the perfect introduction to the nature around us for  all inquisitive little minds. It’s a lovely read.

Age Range: Under 5s.


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