Ginger and Rhubarb Crumble



Driving home after a parkrun yesterday morning, I caught my first glimpse of golden leaves and realised that the hot summer of 2013 is definitely drawing to a close. It’s been a long summer filled with days out in and around the UK, a very special wedding and spending time with friends and family. And, although it’s sad to say goodbye to summer dresses and endless hours of daylight, I am ready to embrace autumn.

There are many reasons why autumn is my favourite season: the heavy golden sun, warm and cosy knits, the excuse to drink copious amounts of rich red wine, long walks by the sea, evenings spent watching ‘must-see’ TV and, of course, warming and flavoursome food. It’s the ‘season of mist and mellow fruitfulness’ where all fruit is filled ‘with ripeness to its core’. It really is the best season for baking and cooking.

Growing up, we used to have a rhubarb crumble after our roast dinner most weeks and this Ginger and Rhubarb Crumble is a twist on my mum’s classic. It’s warming, delicious and the perfect Sunday treat – especially today with the rain lashing down outside and the wind blowing a hooley. Yep, folks, autumn is definitely here!

Happy Baking x


5 sticks of rhubarb

2 tbsp water

1 inch piece of fresh ginger, finely chopped

4 tbsp caster sugar

1 tsp of powdered ginger

110g butter, softened

110g demerara sugar

200g plain flour


1. Preheat the over to 180C/300F/Gas 4.

2. Peel and chop the rhubarb into roughly 1 inch pieces. Add rhubarb, water, fresh ginger and caster sugar to a pan and gently cook until rhubarb is soft. Stir occasionally.

3. To make the crumble topping, mix the plain flour, powdered ginger and demerara sugar in a bowl and rub in the butter.

4. Fill an ovenproof dish with the rhubarb mixture and sprinkle the crumble mixture on top. Bake in the oven for 35-45 minutes until the crumble topping is crisp and golden brown and the rhubarb filling is bubbling from the sides.

5. Remove and allow to cool slightly. Serve with double cream or vanilla ice-cream.

Serves 4

Note: The filling is also delicious slightly cooled down and served on its own with creme fraiche or double cream.


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