Hallowe’en Witches’ Hats





Despite the recent stormy weather, today has been glorious and has put me into the spirit of all things autumnal. So, with Halloween just two days away, my 4 year old god-daughter and I visited a pumpkin patch this morning and spent the afternoon making Halloween Witches’ Hats ready for Thursday’s delights and horrors.

As with a lot of these recipes, this one is associated with happy memories. We grew up on a street surrounded by children our age and I’m sure I now view it through rose-tinted glasses, but we were incredibly lucky to spend the summers riding our bikes, practicing to walk on stilts and building campsites ‘up the cornfield’. And, each Halloween, our parents took it in turns to host Halloween parties – complete with hanging ghouls and goblins – before 15 of us descended on the street trick or treating. One of the many sugar loaded treats that I still remember today is the Halloween Witches’ Hats . There was something irresistible about the sweet-filled ice-cream cone stuck on a digestive biscuit with chocolate. At the time, I thought it was the cleverest thing my mum had ever made!

So, it was with these memories, some 20 years later, that I found myself filling ice-cream cones with jelly sweets, smothering melted chocolate on digestives and sticking the hats onto the digestives in the hope of creating new memories. There’s still time left until Thursday, so why not have a go too?

Happy Fall, y’all


PS. If you do make these and have some melted chocolate left, can I recommend a homemade, warm, melted chocolate digestive biscuit. Yum!


10 ice-cream cones

150g milk chocolate cooking chocolate,  broken into squares.

10 digestive biscuits (Although not round, Graham Crackers would work well if in the US)

An assortment of small jelly sweets (such as jelly beans)

Milk and White Chocolate Buttons


1. Place a heat-proof bowl over a pan of boiling water and place broken-up cooking chocolate in to melt (do not allow the water to touch the bowl) stirring occasionally.

2. Fill ice-cream cones with sweets (you’ll probably need more than two hands for this. It is the perfect part for little hands to help with).

3. Smooth the warm melted chocolate onto the flat side of the digestive biscuit. Place the top of the ice-cream cone on the chocolate side of the biscuit.

4. Use left over melted chocolate to stick milk-chocolate buttons and left-over sweets to the witches’ hats.

Serves 10

Note: This can be very messy and end with chocolate covered mouths!


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